Emergency & Non-Emergency Numbers

The Office of Public Safety is the central emergency reporting center for the University. If you have an emergency you should use the following numbers noted for emergencies.  For your benefit the the non-emergency contact numbers are noted here as well.

The Public Safety emergency and/or non-emergency numbers appear in the following publications: Faculty/Staff Directory, Student Directory, and Handbook for Wesleyan Parents, Student Handbook, and publications distributed by the Wesleyan Student Assembly.

 Wesleyan Office of Public Safety


Emergency 860-685-3333 

     (x3333 from a campus extension)

Non-Emergency 860-685-2345 

      (x2345 from a campus extension)

The Middletown Police Department


Emergency 911

     (9-911 from a campus extension)

Non-Emergency 860-347-2541

The Middletown Fire Department


Emergency 911

     (9-911 from a campus extension)

Non-Emergency 860-346-8622

Hunters Ambulance Service


Emergency 911

     (9-911 from a campus extension)

Non-Emergency 860-346-0082


Poison Control Center

  • 1-800-222-1222