Vehicles on Campus

All Faculty/Staff Parking permits will be mailed out to their departmental mailbox once they are processed.  Undergrad permits will be at the Package Pickup Window at Usdan. Grad Students must come in person to pick up their Permits at 208 High Street.  Retirees must also pick up their permit in person.

All students, faculty and staff must register their vehicles. Public Safety assigns parking lots to faculty and staff. Student lots are located in several locations and require a student parking sticker for all or part of an academic year. Public Safety enforces parking rules and regulations by ticketing, immobilizing and towing. Please obey all parking rules and regulations.

Faculty and Staff Parking regulations

Student Parking regulations

Graduate Student Parking regulations

Retiree Permit

Visitor Permit

Bon Appetit


Please note that we have motor vehicle battery jump packs and lock out tools.  If you need to utilize either of those services, please do not hesitate to call 860-685-2345!


Electric vehicle charging stations are available for anyone to use.  Vehicles must be actively charging and/or waiting for charging in the space for no more than 8 hours.  A list of campus charging locations can be found HERE

9/28/23 Update:

Please note that several of the new EV spaces are not functional yet.  Until they are functional, the spaces are being treated as a normal parking space in that lot and are open for parking as long as you are authorized to be using the lot itself.  Once the EV chargers are functional, those spaces will revert to being for EV vehicles only and we will update this page.

Students with EV vehicles can park in any functional EV space on the campus for up to 8 hours to charge.  Students should not park in a non functional EV space in any faculty/staff lot, but can utilize the non functional EV spaces in W Lot or other student parking lots.