Public Safety Commitment Statement


The Office of Public Safety is committed to ensuring a safe campus environment conducive to teaching, learning and personal growth.  With recent events (local and national) in mind, Public Safety has been actively re-examining ways in which to best fulfill that commitment:

We embrace a community policing approach to our work, where all campus members are actively involved in helping to promote a safe campus and community.

We will not allow personal feelings, animosities, or friendships to interfere with our responsibilities.

We are committed to diversity in our staff so that our work benefits from multiple perspectives.

We acknowledge that team members brings their own strengths and biases to the workplace and are determined to understand and address these through ongoing training, so we can work more effectively in this diverse community.

We reject racial profiling.  We respond to disturbing behavior, not personal identities.

We seek an ongoing open dialogue with students, faculty and staff to achieve flexible community- based solutions to current and future safety challenges.

We strive to be active listeners, knowing that input from the entire campus community is important.  We will act on what is shared, and seek out the voices of those not at the table.

We strive to maintain good communication and an effective relationship with Middletown police, inviting them to participate in social justice and other training opportunities we implement for our own team.

We will continue to be active in campus and community events.

We encourage community members to report any activity by Public Safety staff that is of concern and promise a complete and fair investigation.

We acknowledge that to do our job well we must have public trust and must dedicate ourselves to our mission every day.