Operation Identification

Operation Identification is a national program designed to reduce burglaries and thefts of personal items. The program consists of the following:

  1. The engraving of your property with your driver's license number to reduce the outlets by which thieves can dispose of your belongings. Such property in thieves' possession provides evidence of their guilt. Engraving also aids in identifying, tracing, and returning your property when it is recovered.

  2. The methodical inventory of the contents of your home and the recording of the pertinent information to help you: a) expedite insurance claims, and b) assist the police in returning your stolen goods. Public Safety provides inventory sheets specifically designed to record the most important information.  You may also register your items on-line.  Click here to acess the online Registration form.

How to Participate in this Program

Almost any item can be engraved. We recommend that all easily moved valuables be engraved (e.g., TVs, bicycles, computers, cameras, sporting goods, stereos), along with metal, wood, or plastic items of value.

Valuables should be marked with your driver's license number and the first two letters of your state's name in a place where they can easily be seen to ensure identification.

Public Safety has a supply of engravers that you can borrow free of charge from its office at 208 High Street. We ask that the engraver be returned the same or next day so that others may also use it. Items may also be brought to Public Safety and engraved on site.

After you have engraved your property, we suggest that you systematically inventory the contents of your home on a Public Safety inventory sheet, listing the model, make, color, serial number and description of each item. Make several copies of your Public Safety inventory sheet. Leave one with Public Safety, send one home (if you are a student), and keep the other in a secure location. Remember: to make the program work, you must keep the list current.

If you are a faculty or staff member, we suggest that you also keep a copy of all this information in a secure place at your residence or in a safety deposit box.