Nuisance/Harassing Phone Calls

A side effect of the extensive campus communications system is the possibility of nuisance or harassing telephone calls. Should you receive a harassing, obscene, or nuisance telephone call, contact Public Safety and report the incident. In addition, it is recommended that you follow these suggestions:

  • Hang up!  As soon as you hear an unusual sound, obscenity, or no response, hang up!  If the call is repeated, hang up again.

  • Do not engage in conversation -- this is what the offender wants.

  • If the caller says the he/she is conducting a sex survey or offers any other unusual reason, inform that you are not interested and hang up.

  • Do not give out your name, address, telephone number, living conditions, or any other personal information over the phones.

  • Avoid placing your number in the newspaper or other places.

  • If you are receiving frequent harassing telephone calls you may contact Public Safety who will assist investigating these incidents.  As appropriate or requested, they will involve the Middletown Police and/or the local telephone company.

  • People receiving harassing calls should contact Public Safety to obtain a telephone call log to record time, date, and type of call for investigative purposes.