What is counseling?

Student life is often exciting and sometimes difficult. Many Wesleyan students experience problems they find they cannot resolve on their own or with the advice of friends and family. Counseling provides an opportunity for students to talk over their concerns with a nonjudgmental, professional, experienced, empathic therapist. Therapists help students manage their difficulties through a combination of support and problem solving; students may learn new coping skills, gain new perspectives, or improve their interpersonal effectiveness in different areas of their lives. Counseling is a dynamic, collaborative process -- students are active participants in the work of therapy along with their therapists, who join with them and provide expertise, perspective, support, and encouragement.


The costs of our services is covered by tuition. CAPS provides short-term individual psychotherapy with supplemental medication management if appropriate. CAPS does not provide long term, intensive psychotherapy. For students who seek this treatment model, CAPS can be of assistance in accessing community providers. Students who choose to see community therapists may pay out-of-pocket or utilize their student insurance or family insurance if possible. Please refer to student insurance guidelines for information regarding psychological and psychiatric coverage.

Urgent Concerns

CAPS has limited daily availability to provide same or next day appointments to students in crisis.  In the event of acute emotional distress, students should call 860.685.2910 and clearly state they are experiencing an urgent situation and would like to schedule an urgent appointment. If an emergency occurs after business hours or on the weekend, students should also call 860.685.2910 and ask for the on-call clinician.