Psychiatric/Medication consultation

CAPS offers medication consultation, education, assessment, and management. Tamanna Rahman, APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse), is a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner who joined CAPS in February 2019. 

All students who wish to receive medication from CAPS must first see a psychotherapist and be willing to meet with their therapist periodically during the semester for check-ins to maintain medication management through CAPS. Please call 860-685-2910 to schedule an appointment with a psychotherapist.

For incoming students and students who are new to CAPS: If you are currently on medication, please bring with you a letter from your current provider stating current medications and doses, or have them complete the exchange of information: Medication Refill/Continuation form (Please click here).

Please note: If you are on stimulant medication for ADHD and would like for CAPS to provide medication management, please complete the AD/HD Exchange of Information Form (Please click here). You can bring the listed required documentation directly to your therapist at CAPS or have your provider mail/fax the documentation to:

Wesleyan University
Counseling and Psychological Services
327 High Street
Middletown, CT 06459
Fax: (860)685-3961 

If you have never been tested but believe ADHD/ADD may be present, CAPS can provide you with a list of providers in the community who conduct the testing that is needed to determine the diagnosis of ADHD/ADD.