Community Resources

Most of the providers are within walking distance of campus, although some are better reached by city bus and some offer telehealth. CAPS does not specifically recommend or endorse any particular community provider, but our case manager and psychotherapists are always happy to meet with students to assist with community referrals.  We welcome student feedback about their experiences with community therapists and psychiatrists because we can utilize this information to provide better guidance for Wesleyan students seeking referrals in the future.

Thriving Campus Referral Database

Click here to browse and filter community providers based on your needs and preferences.  The providers in this directory have expressed an interest in working with the Wesleyan community. 

Thriving Campus - FAQs

Click here to explore the following topics:

  • Finding a clinician (Types of clinicians, Choosing a clinician, Leaving voicemails for clinicians, Speaking with a clinician, & Licensing Basics)
  • Paying for counseling and psychiatric services (The Basics, Researching your plan, & Glossary)

Psychiatric Services (i.e., Medication Treatment, Evaluation, & Management)

Download a list of licensed psychiatric providers.

Middlesex Intensive Outpatient Programs

Click here to learn about the Middlesex day treatment programs, evening recovery program, and young adult services. 

Walden Behavioral Care Eating Disorder Treatment Programs

Click here to learn about Walden's range of eating disorder treatment programs based in Middletown.