Research in Science 2013

Presentations form the Undergraduate Research Fellows and Associates in Chemistry

Photographer, Olivia Drake

2013 Poster Session.

Photographer, Olivia Drake

Photographer, Olivia Drake


Grace Bomann

Grace Bomann, '14 is a rising senior.
"The Use of Solar Powered Rechargeable Batteries to Perform Electrolysis."
Hughes Associate - Mentor: Professor Albert J. Fry

Caitlin Bray

Caitlin Bray, '15, is a rising junior.
"1-Naphthol Hydrogen Bound Clusters."
"Hughes Fellow" - Mentor: Professor Joseph L. Knee

Inha Cho

Inha Cho, '15, is a rising junior.
"Investigating Hydration Dynamics of Disaccharide Fluorinated Derivatives."
"Hughes Associate" - Mentors:  Professor George A. Petersson and Prof. Christina Othon

Erin Cohn

Erin Cohn, '15, is a rising junior.
"Expression of DesB and DesZ, Two Extradiol Dioxygenase Enzymes Involved in LIgnin Degradation."
"Hughes Associate" - Mentor: Professor Erika A. Taylor

Lilah Fones

Lilah Fones, '15, is a rising junior.
"Determination of ligand binding to the G-quadruplex DNA c-kit87up by hydroxyl radical reaction protocal and NMR."
"Hughes Fellow"  - Mentor: Professor Philip H. Bolton

Derek Frank

Derek Frank, '15. is a rising junior.
"Microwave Spectroscopic Study of the Reaction of Allyl Phenyl Ether and Perfluoropropionic Acid."
"Hughes Fellow" - Mentor: Professor Steward E. Novick

Emily Garvin

Emily Garvin, '15, is a rising junior.
"Anodic oxidation of 1,1-Diphenylacetone in Various Alcohols."
"Hughes Fellow" - Mentor: Professor Albert J. Fry


Taylor Goodstein '14, rising senior.
"Expression and Purification of Heptosyltransferase in Three Species of Gram-Negative Bacteria."
"Hughes Associate" - Mentor: Professor Erika A. Taylor

Rob Halberg

Robert Hallberg '14, is a rising senior.
"Asymmetric Synthesis of Brazilin through an Interrupted Feist-Bénary Intermediate."
"Hughes Fellow" - Mentor: Professor Michael A. Calter


Lucas Hansen, Visiting Junior.
"Synthesis of Molecular Probes for Detection of Lignin Depolymerization."
"Hughes Fellow" - Mentor: Professor Erika A. Taylor

Jesse Mangiardi, '15

Jesse Mangiardi, '15, is a rising senior.
"Zero Point Energies from Extended Hückel Bond Orders."
"Hughes Associate" - Mentor: Professor George A. Petersson

Rebecca McClellan, '14

Rebecca McClellan, '14, is a rising senior.
"Optimization of an IFB-like Reaction of α, β-Diketoesters."
"Hughes Fellow" - Mentor: Professor Michael A. Calter

Stuart Pasch

Stuart Pasch, '14, is a rising senior.
"Development of Selective Thiol-ene and Thiol-yne Reactions"
"Hughes Fellow" - Mentor: Professor Brian H. Northrop

Max Seifer, '15

Charles Seifer, '15 is a rising junior.
"Development and application of rotaxane stoppers."
"Reseach Associate" - Mentor: Professor Brian H. Northrop

Hanseol Song

Hanseol Song, '15 is a rising junior.
"Synthesis of 6,6'-deoxy-6,6' fluorothrehalose."
"Hughes Associate" - Mentor: Professor Erika A. Taylor

Elaine Tsui

Elaine Tsui, '15 is a rising junior.
"Andodic Oxidation of 1,1-Diphenylacetone in Various Alcohols."
"Hughes Fellow" - Mentor: Professor Albert J. Fry

Rohan Vaze

Rohan Vaze, '15 is a rising junior. 
"Catalytic, Asymmetric Interrupted Feist Bénary reaction using α-halo."
"Hughes Fellow" - Mentor: Professor Michael A. Calter

Qianyu Wang

Qianyu Wang, '15 is a rising junior.
"Determination of the Oligomeric state of Sec Y using in vivo photocrosslinking."
"Hughes Fellow"- Mentor: Professor Donald Oliver

Angela Yoo

Angela Yoo, '15 is a rising junior.
"Synthesis and Efficacy of Non-β lactams as β-lactamase Inhibitors."
"Hughes Fellow"- Mentors: Professor Rex F. Pratt