Comparison of Two Introductory Chemistry Sequences

                           CHEM 141/142             CHEM 143/144


H.S. algebra required
H.S. chemistry recommended

H.S. algebra required
H.S. chemistry required


Nivaldo J. Tro Chemistry: A Molecular Approach, 5th Ed.

Oxtoby, Gillis, & Campion Principles of Modern Chemistry, 8th Ed. 


Anthony Davis (141)

Andrea Roberts (142)

Colin Smith (143)

Carlos Jiménez-Hoyos (144)

Meeting Times

MWF 8:50-9:40 a.m. (or 9:50-10:40 for CHEM 141), plus afternoon/evening recitation sections

Class Characteristics

CHEM 141/142 is intended for students with only basic high school chemistry experience or no chemistry experience at all.

If an AP, IB Higher Level, or A-Level Chemistry course appears on your high school transcript, then you will not receive credit for CHEM141/142 if you take these courses. You must enroll in CHEM 143/144 for credit.

Chem 143/144 is intended for students who have had more than one year of high school chemistry (ex. AP, IB-HL, A-Levels, Honors, etc.). 

Students who have only had basic high school chemistry generally should enroll in CHEM 141/142.

Why should I take these courses?

Both of these course sequences will satisfy:

  1. requirements for CHEM, BIOL, MB&B, E&ES, NS&B, and SISP majors, as well as the CHEM minor.
  2. prerequisite requirements for medical/dental/veterinary schools, etc.
  3. NSM general education expectations.

When should I take these courses?

It is strongly recommended that you take these courses during your first year if either of the following apply:

  1. you are a pre-med/health student who plans to study abroad
  2. you might possibly become a CHEM or MB&B major


There is only one laboratory course for the first-year chemistry sequence: CHEM 152.  It is required for both the CHEM and MB&B majors, the CHEM minor, and medical school admissions.  The course is offered in both the Fall and Spring semesters.