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Martin Scorsese's film THE IRISHMAN

The current exhibit in the Rick Nicita Gallery is a prop from Martin Scorsese’s film, THE IRISHMAN.  This model of the Dunes Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is from a scene in the film from the early 1960s where a Las Vegas developer asks Teamster Union President, Jimmy Hoffa, for a loan to expand the Dunes Casino, illustrating how Hoffa used the Teamster Pension Fund money for illegal loans to organized crime figures, and projects like the Dunes Casino expansion. This model is part of the Martin Scorsese Collection at the Reid Cinema Archives.

Because of construction at the Film Center, the Rick Nicita Gallery is not open to walk-in visitors. The exhibit may be viewed through the gallery glass.


The Rick Nicita Gallery is not open to walk-in visitors during construction.

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