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 Bollywood & Beyond:

Objects, Histories, and Pleasures of Indian Cinema

The Indian feature film industry emerged in 1913 with the release of Dadasaheb Phalke’s first full-length Indian motion picture, Raja Harishchandra, a Marathi language silent film. Since, Indian cinema has grown to be one of the largest producers of films globally. With around 2,000 films a year, it sells close to two billion tickets annually. The epic scale of Indian cinema—three-hour long films! temples and elections devoted to stars! billboards bigger than buildings! the last of cultural dominion against Hollywood! - lends itself easily to accounts that run the gamut from gentle mockery to enthusiastic acclaim of its audience’s religious fervor.

The posters and film booklets in this exhibition, 1930s to the present, are fragments of this rich history and its consumption as popular culture, a preview into the unique form and multiple pleasures of Indian cinema.


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