The Ogden and Mary Louise Reid Cinema Archives
Policies and Guidelines for Use Permission to Publish Form


This form is to be used by researchers who wish to publish or reproduce

(a) entire works, or
(b) quotations or excerpts which exceed fair use guidelines from works

owned by The Reid Cinema Archives. An “entire work” refers to such items as a photograph, a letter, a single page from a diary, notebook, or script, a newspaper article, etc. “Publication” refers to reproduction of the work or the excerpt in a printed format (such as a book, journal, etc.), a moving image format (such as a television or motion picture documentary, etc.), a digital form (an Internet website, a DVD-ROM, etc.), or any other format.

A fee schedule will be found below. The Reid Cinema Archives is willing to consider individual requests for a large number of items on a case-by-case basis.


  1. This form shall constitute solely an agreement to provide the user with a copy or copies of certain material, and shall not in any event constitute a license to use any material in any way with respect to any medium of exploitation. Permission is granted by The Reid Cinema Archives to the user to reproduce the material in one specific work only. Use is granted for one time only. Permission to use the material in any other manner must be obtained separately from The Reid Cinema Archives. The Reid Cinema Archives is not responsible for obtaining the permission of the copyright holder prior to publication of the material.
  2. The user agrees not to reproduce, exhibit, and/or distribute in any way other than the specified purpose the material provided to him by The Reid Cinema Archives.
  3. The user acknowledges that the material he has received is the property of The Reid Cinema Archives and must be returned to The Reid Cinema Archives at the earliest possible time.
  4. Credit in the form of “The Reid Cinema Archives” must be given for every appearance of material provided by The Ogden and Mary Louise Reid Cinema Archives.
  5. The user agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold The Reid Cinema Archives and Wesleyan University (directors, officers, agents, employees, representatives, associates, and affiliates) and each and all of them harmless from and against any and all costs, damage, liability, and expense, including reasonable attorney’s fees arising out of any claim whatsoever, whether or not groundless, which may arise directly or indirectly, by reason of the user’s use of the material.
  6. The user agrees to remit all applicable fees and shipping costs, made payable to The Reid Cinema Archives at the time that the order for copying is placed. No copies will be provided until payment has been received.

Use Fee Schedule

(These fees are in addition to the duplication fees which will be found on the Duplication Fee Schedule):

Academic journals: $20

Editorial use in published works (other than academic journals):
For-profit entities: $125
Non-profit entities: $75

Editorial Use, Cover or Endpaper: $350

Electronic Formats, For-Profit: $200

Electronic Formats, Non-Profit: $100

Video and film production:
For-profit entities: $200
Non-profit entities: $100

Exhibition use:
For-profit entities: $175
Non-profit entities: $125

For-profit entities: $200
Non-profit entities: $100

For-profit entities: $50
Non-profit entities: $10

Moving Images: $2.00 per second ($200 minimum)

All other uses, including digital and web-based: please inquire.


I have read, understand, and agree to the above conditions.

Signature of user Date

User’s name (printed) Title


Name of work in which material is to be published

Material to be published:

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