Opportunities for Study Abroad

Majors in both Classics and Classical Civilization are encouraged to spend a semester abroad, usually in the junior year. Study abroad is possible at a number of institutions with well-established programs in classical languages and civilizations, many of which provide opportunities to tour archaeological and historical sites in addition to coursework. Students attending such programs may apply up to four courses of study abroad toward completion of the Major requirements, subject to deparmental pre-approval.  Those interested should contact the Office of International Studies at Wesleyan for details about applications, financial eligibility and transferable credit.  Note too that students can apply for small grants from the Squire Fund to help offset the costs for study abroad and summer study - learn more about the Squire Fund here.

Wesleyan students have recently participated in semesters abroad at these institutions:

     Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies (Rome)  http://iccsnews.com
     Provides the opportunity to study firsthand the monuments and culture of ancient and modern Italy. 

     College Year in Athens (Greece)   http://www.cyathens.org/
     Offers courses in classical languages and classical civilization, including courses in the archaeology of Athens
     and visits to other archaeological sites around Greece. 

     St. Andrew's University (Scotland, UK) http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/
     Offers a range of courses in Greek, Latin, Classical Civilizations and classical archaeology.  

    University College London (London, UK)  http://www.ucl.ac.uk/
    Offers a strong program in Mediterranean archaeology and classical civilizations. 

Hear more about their experiences abroad here!

For information on summer programs, including summer intensive language programs and archaeological excavations in the Mediterranean, see our "Summer Study" page. 

Contact person:

Debbie Sierpinski
phone: (860) 685-2070
email: dsierpinski@wesleyan.edu

  • Lindsey Davis '11 in front of the Cerveteri
  • Ellie Damaskos '12 (College Year in Athens)
  • Carly Bollinger '09 (College Year in Athens)
  • Chris Kaltsas '11 at the Vatican
  • Simone Walters '05