Sam Long: From Source to Sea: A River Concert



Sam Long '12 combined his two majors, environmental studies and music in a collaborative album entitled From Source to Sea: A River Concert. Inspired by the Connecticut River, one of Middletown’s most spectacular local resources, the album is performed by a band of students who call themselves “The Honey and the Sting.” The Center For the Arts commissioned  Tasha Camhi '12 to create the accompanying mural which was installed for the community-wide concert. The idea behind the piece is entwined with the local food movement, which brings us closer to where food comes from and encourages us to become more invested in the health of the land. Local art, especially when performed for the community that uses the land, produces a similar connection. The music and artwork encourage the listener to think about the river from both artistic and scientific perspectives. The album has songs that touch upon the geographical history of the river, as well as its biological and chemical components. The songs attempt to connect with the audience emotionally, spiritually, and academically in order to truly engage the listener. When you listen, let go of your expectations. Wash them down the river. The performance took place on March 31, 2012 in the Memorial Chapel.

Jessica Best ’14 (Vocals), Tasha Camhi ’12 (Visual Artist), Mel Hsu ’13 (Cello), Sam Long ’12 (Guitar), Howe Pearson ’12 (Drums), Gemma Smith ’13 (Violin)

Photos by Anna Shimshak
Photo by Mr. Long
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