Marion Belanger: Landfill


Marion Belanger's Landfill was a photographic installation that consisted of three photographs printed on silk, suspended in trees.  It premiered at the Feet to the Fire Festival in 2008 and was also a featured work in the Zilkha Gallery’s exhibition, Global Warning. Landfill was commissioned by Wesleyan University's Center for the Arts and Environmental Studies Program for the Feet to the Fire Festival 2008, as part of Feet to the Fire: Exploring Global Climate Change from Science to Art.

"Grass blankets the mound of earth that holds the waste and refuse of a city. At first glance the fresh green of spring growth appears to mask any vestige of what lies beneath the surface of the ground. But upon closer inspection, unnatural textures and colors, fragments of plastic, and pieces of material culture are seen, as if woven into the land."

- Marion Belanger on Landfill

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