Your First Few Weeks at Wesleyan

Check in with OISA

  • Make sure to check in with the Office of International Student Affairs before the start of classes.


  • Look at all of your course syllabi and put your exams, papers, and other major assignments on a calendar.

Campus Life and Middletown

  • Get acquainted with the campus (find the gym, library, theaters, and all the places to eat).

  • Discover all the places to eat around Wesleyan’s campus.

  • Explore Main Street (discover new restaurants, the Wesleyan RJ Julia Bookstore, and other interesting shops).

  • Learn about all of the free resources at the Resource Center like printing, clothing, study rooms, and a lending library.

  • Find out about Wesleyan student organizations on WesNest and the Corq app.

Personal Routines and Self Care

  • Develop a routine for your new life (when to sleep, eat, and exercise).

  • Figure out a communication plan with home (when to call, try your new phone, etc.).
  • Visit WesWell and find out all you need to know about staying healthy.