Organic-Inorganic Chemistry Seminars, Fall 2017
                            Shanklin 201 - Noon to 1:00 pm - Thursdays
                Coordinated by Prof. Brian Northrop, Professor of Chemistry

Date Speaker Affiliation Title

September 21

Robie Ryan

Chemistry Department
 "Computational and Synthetic Investigations of Di-Ortho Substituted Arylboronate Esters". 

            September 28


                                        Biophysics Retreat


                 October 12

                                       Vasileios Drogkaris

                                       Chemistry Department

 "Investigating Boronate Ester and Diazaborole Formation."

                  October 26

                                                   Zach Hillman                                                    Chemistry Department

 " α-Cleavage of Substituted 1,1-Diphenyl Ketones With Peroxides "

              November 2

Stephen Frayne

Chemistry Department 

Northrop Lab

 "Evaluating and Eliminating Nucleophile Byproduct Formation During Phosphine- and Amine-Initiated Thiol-Michael Reactions"

November 9

 Tsagan Ednyasheva

Chemistry Department

"Progress towards the total synthesis of Rocaglamide and its analogues".

             November 30

                                                  Paul Brauchle                                                    Chemistry Department

 "A characterization of three cyclen-based macrocyclic ligands and their manganese(II) complexes."

              December 7

                                                     Prachiti  Bhatawdekar                                                    Chemistry Department "Retention of stereochemistry by using Catalytic, Asymmetric, Interrupted Feist-Bénary Reaction."

Practice talks are held the week before each presentation.