Sexual Assault


The immediate aftermath of a sexual assault

Evidence Collection Kit at Middlesex Hospital

A rape kit is administered by specifically trained nurses at the hospital in order to collect physical evidence that can be used at a later time in a criminal case. Even though this is a hard first step to take, it is crucial to do before showering or changing, within the first 72 hours, just in case a survivor wishes to pursue criminal charges at a later date.

  •  A counselor at the Women and Family Center on Main Street in Middletown (888-999-5545) can accompany students to the hospital emergency room for a rape kit and also to the police station if they wish to file a report immediately. The evidence from a rape kit is given a case number and sent anonymously to the police, just in case the survivor ever decides to file a report
  • Public Safety can also provide safe rides to the hospital and the police station (860-685-3333).
  • You can contact a Davison Health Center provider prior to visit to ER; the provider will then alert the ER so that appropriate support staff is available (860-685-2470).
  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at the Davison Health Center (860-685-2910), and the counselors at the Women and Family Center (888-999-5545) are on call 24/7.

Need Someone to Confide In?

Help and support is available for students who want to talk in detail about their assault, but is not sure if they are ready to report to the University.  [Read more]

Other Sources of Support

Guidance and advice for students who are not entirely sure if they are ready to file a formal report (with either the University or the Police) [Read more]

Consider Making a Formal Report

Public Safety and counselors from the Women and Family Center can assist students with filing a report to the police.  In cases where the incident is reported to both the police and the University, the police investigation is normally done first with the assistance of university resources.  [Read more]