Sexual Assault

The First 72 Hours

The immediate aftermath of a sexual assault  [Read more]

Need Someone to Confide In?

Help and support is available for students who want to talk in detail about their assault, but is not sure if they are ready to report to the University.  [Read more]

Other Sources of Support

Guidance and advice for students who are not entirely sure if they are ready to file a formal report (with either the University or the Police) [Read more]


Public Safety and counselors from the Women and Family Center can assist students with filing a report to the police. In cases where the incident is reported to both the police and the University, the police investigation is normally done first with the assistance of university resources.

If you would like to file a report with the police, you can pursue any of these options

  • Call Public Safety to assist with the report (860-685-3333).
  • Call the Women and Family Center in Middletown to assist with reporting (888-999-5545).
  • Call the Middletown Police Department  at (860-344-3200) and ask them to send a specially-trained officer to take the report from the student’s room or another safe space on campus.
  • Walk into the MPD on Main Street between Court and College Streets.


If you would like to take your case to the university judicial process

  • You may file a detailed report to any class dean (all SART trained), any dean in the Office of the Dean of Students, Title IX Officer, Antonio Farias; or Public Safety.
  • Filing a detailed report and pursuing sexual assault charges against another student can result in a judicial hearing with an administrative panel* composed of two male and two female administrators, one of whom is always a representative of the Office of the Dean of Students (Rick Culliton or Scott Backer) to ensure that protocol and procedure is followed.

*    rather than by the SJB (a change in policy that occurred in spring 2008)