Summer Residential Information for Community Scholars

Congratulations on joining Wesleyan University for the summer! Since you are new to our community or this may be your first time living in a residence hall, we wanted to give you some information to help you plan.

If you have questions about dining services, please visit our Dining Services website: 

Leave your change at home! You will use your WesID to pay for your laundry. You can put money on your card at the WesCard Office in North College. All you need is cash or a check with a domestic address.

We have lots of fun activities planned for this summer!  The summer resident advisors (RAs) and community advisors (CAs) will be providing programming opportunities for their residents throughout the summer.

We suggest students pack the following for the summer:


  • A pillow
  • Extra-long twin sheets (it's probably a good idea to pack 2 sets in case of a spill, it's really inconvenient to have to wash a set of sheets before going to bed)
  • A comforter or blanket for chilly nights


  • The trick to dressing for Connecticut weather is LAYERS LAYERS LAYERS. It's always possible to take off or add a layer depending on the temperature. 
  • Workout clothes 
  • Hand and bath towels,wash cloth and a bathrobe as well.
  • For laundry, definitely pack detergent and dryer sheets, as well as a laundry basket or bag (baskets tend to be more popular)
  • Hangers


  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, soap, shaving cream, razor, contact lens case, contact solution, comb/brush, blow dryer, hair gel/spray
  • Toothbrush case, soap case, extra razor blades, cotton swabs, nail clippers, adhesive bandages, tissues
  • Shower sandals
  • Shower tote for all your shower items
  • Prescription medicine and over the counter medicine for headaches, or allergies
  • Sunscreen

Desk Stuff/School Supplies

  • Computer or Laptop 
  • Computer or Laptop lock
  • Printer (you can always use the library or computer lab to print)
  • Pens/pencils, paper for taking notes, a folder for handouts
  • Scissors, tape, stapler (this is a big one for students who will be writing a lot of papers), ruler, paper clips, printer paper, ink cartridges, envelopes and stamps, calendar, sticky notes (no desk is complete without them)

It's a very good idea to purchase something to backup computer files, such as a portable USB storage device. All too often, hard drives will crash, and data from the computer may not be salvageable. MAKE SURE TO BACKUP FILES FREQUENTLY.

Room Stuff

  • Lamps (desk and bedside) Note: halogen lamps are not allowed.
  • White board... these come in very handy, for both the owner and the visitor. Just make sure to bring markers.
  • Bennet Hall is air-conditioned. Please bring a  fan if you are housed elsewhere.
  • A trash can (these aren't provided for each individual room)
  • Pictures and other decorations from home

If you would like to know what you should not bring, read our fire safety guidelines at the following website: