3.5 Guidelines for University Disciplinary Proceedings

A. All committees shall extend fair process as subsequently defined in this section to all those who appear before them.

B. An individual shall receive notice, in writing, of the specific charges brought against him/her. Such charges must be presented within a time adequate to allow for the preparation of his/her defense. At the time of receiving such notice the person shall also be informed of his/her rights and of the procedure of the board/committee before which he/she will appear.

C. An individual shall have the right to a hearing scheduled without unnecessary delay.

D. An individual has the right to designate counsel of his/her choice. (NOTE: Counsel shall be defined as an advisor from within the University in proceedings where a student is charged with a violation of the Honor Code or of the Code of Non-Academic Conduct.)

E. An individual has the opportunity to appeal decisions made by any of these committees