3.6 University Policy Statements

Affirmative Action:

Discriminatory Harassment and Sexual Misconduct:

Equal Opportunity:

Conflict of Interest in Research:

Student Standards of Conduct, including the Honor Code and Plagiarism:

In the rapidly changing area of information technology (IT) one requirement remains constant: all information technology use must fully respect the rights of the University and its community members.

Most use of IT parallels familiar activities in other media and formats and so existing University policies as represented in The Faculty Handbook already provide guidance. Using electronic media in the place of standard written correspondence, for example, does not fundamentally alter the nature of the communication, nor will it alter the guiding policies: University policies which already apply to freedom of expression, privacy, and related matters apply to electronic expression as well.

In addition to the policies outlined directly in the Faculty Handbook, faculty are bound to comply with the IT policies outlined here:

Academic Regulations for Students:

You may also phone the Registrar’s Office for further information.