Policies on Compensation and Outside Work

Updated as of July 1, 2018

1. Compensation

For the purpose of calculating a maximum fiscal-year salary, a faculty member may not earn, from all Wesleyan sources, more than twelve-ninths (12/9ths) of his or her annual faculty base salary without prior approval from the Office of Academic Affairs. In addition, faculty may not accept compensation from an outside source while on a paid sabbatical without explicit approval from the vice president for academic affairs (VPAA).

2. Outside Work

Before a faculty member undertakes substantial commitments in addition to his/her Wesleyan responsibilities during the academic year, including while on a paid sabbatical, he/she should consult with the chair of the department, the appropriate divisional dean, and the VPAA. Their explicit approval is required for outside commitments that make substantial demands upon the time and energy of a faculty member.

The circumstances of appointments are sufficiently favorable that the University feels justified in emphasizing that off-campus activities should not make major inroads on time and energy.

Faculty should not accept additional pay from an outside source while on a paid sabbatical.