Legislation of the Faculty Re-Authorizing the Executive Committee of the Faculty

[Adopted on April 8, 2003]

Be it resolved that the Executive Committee of the Faculty be re-authorized.

(1) Membership. The Executive Committee of the Faculty (EC) shall consist of the Chair of the Faculty (who chairs the EC), the Vice-Chair of the Faculty, the most recent past Chair of the Faculty currently in active service, the Chairs* of Standing Committees, and the faculty members of the Finance Committee and the Campus Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees. Ex-officio members are the Academic Secretary, the Divisional Deans, and the Vice-Chair* of the Advisory Committee.

(2) Powers and Responsibilities. The EC proposes legislation to the faculty (e.g., revisions to Standing Rules of the Faculty): provides suggestions to the Administration for faculty membership on search committees and task forces; consults with the President and Senior Staff, at the request of the EPC or of the officer; and advises the Chair of the Faculty in setting the agenda and timetable for Faculty meetings. The EC shall report directly to the Faculty.

*A Standing Committee may elect a faculty representative to the EC instead of its chair; similarly, the Advisory Committee may elect its ex-officio representative.