Models for Voluntary Affiliation with a Department*

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Models for Voluntary Affiliation with a Department
Topic Core Affiliate Courtesy
Process for Joining 1. Department votes to offer core membership to a faculty member, and submits this to the divisional dean;
2. The VPAA consults with divisional deans and the home department;
3. The VPAA makes the appointment
Same as core Same as core
Process for leaving 1. Membership is for three years after which a faculty member can propose to continue core status or leave;
2. To continue in core status, the decision must be mutual – the faculty member proposes to continue and the department shall hold a formal vote on the proposal
Can leave at the end of any semester (not obligated to keep a three year term) Can leave at any time
Governance Voting member: Holds full voting rights and obligations, except in reappointment, tenure, or promotion cases when the core member has been core for less than half of the candidate’s years at Wesleyan Voice, but no vote No voice, no vote
Teaching obligation Yes No No
Tutorials & thesis eligibility Yes To be evaluated by the chair on a case- by-case basis To be evaluated by the chair on a case- by-case basis
Advising obligation Yes No No
Eligible to serve as chair Yes No No
Length of appointment Three years Open Open

*CSS has a different structure for faculty affiliation