Guidelines for Service on Faculty Committees

Updated as of July 1, 2018

The following guidelines regarding service on faculty committees have been endorsed by the Advisory Committee and have been discussed without dissent by chairs of departments and programs.

Service on standing committees of the faculty is the responsibility of every faculty member. It is expected that a person elected to a faculty committee will serve unless he/she:

  • is serving on another such committee;
  • is on Sabbatical or Leave of absence;
  • is elected after the beginning of classes in the year during which he/she is expected to serve;
  • has what he/she believes are extenuating circumstances that should allow for declination of service. In such cases, these circumstances should be discussed with the vice president for academic affairs (VPAA).

Attention should be drawn to the “By-Laws of the Faculty,” Sec. 503 (c):

Faculty members who have served for two consecutive years on standing committees, the Advisory Committee, or as vice-chair/chair of the faculty, may be excused from nomination to these committees, and the offices of vice-chair and chair of the faculty for a period of three years after said service. Those serving for three full years may be excused from nomination as above for four years. These “immunity” periods are intended to be in addition to (not concurrent with) the immunity from committee service permitted to department chairs.