ARCP255: The Archaeology of Identities in the Ancient Mediterranean and Beyond

The final project for CLST260/ARCP 255 was all about understanding how the interpretation of archaeological discoveries becomes sensationalized and acquires bias in popular media - the sort of reporting that is the main source of archaeological information for the majority of the population. Over the second half of the semester, students in the class chose a clickbaity news article about an archaeological discovery that they found interesting and wanted to learn more about, researched the story further, and analyzed how archaeological information and interpretation is packaged for different audiences. The final stage of the project was to design and produce an educational but accessible way of communicating about the discovery for a popular audience, a skill that archaeology students at Wesleyan (and beyond!) find themselves needing when talking to friends, family, and the general public about their chosen field!


A Tunnel Leading to Cleopatra: Publicly Posted but not Published by Abby Lyell

Archaeology Podcast by Adam Mohn

Weapon Grave of Suontaka by Bob Yao

The Archeological Process: A Case Study from Salango, Ecuador by Cadence Cole

Is it a Vampire? Rethinking Non-Normative Burials by Caroline Lerch

Middleclass Home in Pompeii by Cat GallagherMiddleclass Home in Pompeii by Cat Gallagher (Instagram)

Taposiris Magna in Egypt by Cian Mesch

Archaeology by Ian Moran

Brand New Resturant in Pompeii by Ilaria Valentini

Archaeology Uncovered: A Lagash Tavern by Julia Noriega

Athenian Curse Assemblage Podcast by Justin Rosenthal

Nubia? by Senica Slaton

Vikings Can Be Women Too! by Sofia Hoyos

Coins and Crises by Sophia Catalan

Japanese Mermaid Mummy by Ulysses Conrad (YouTube)