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Navigating Sexual Self-Care & Desire w/Others w/ Priya Senecal, LPC, Psychotherapist



Tips to Navigate Sexual Self Care and Desire


Fall 2021

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Presenter: Jonathan Perlow, Advanced Clinical Psychology Extern

"Healing the Hidden Wounds of Racial Trauma"

Presenter: Malina Banavong Maladore M.A., Clinical Psychology Extern

Click here for the handout.

Fall 2020

Bridging Gaps

Presenter: Sara Jalbert, M.A., LPC Psychology Extern

Coping with Election Stress

Presenter: Cale Kaminsky, B.S, Psychology Extern

Fostering Intuitive Eating for Mental Health

Presenter: Tania Alaby-Varma, MS, Psychology Extern

Stress Management

Presenters: Elena Cela, NCC, LPC, Advanced Psychology Extern

Spring 2020

CAPS Wellness Panel

Presenters: Smith Kidkarndee, Psy.D., Priya Senecal, LPC, & Angie Makomenaw, MJC

Physically Distancing

Presenter: Chris Praetzel, M.S., M.A.

Handout: Physically Distancing

Crisis Survival Skills for Social Distancing

Presenter: Katie Burns, M.A.

Handout: Crisis Survival Skills

Imposter Syndrome

Presenter: Sri Harathi, M.A.

Handouts: Looking Back Looking Forward, Countering Negative Thoughts, & Resources

Reversing Your Procrastination

Presenter: Kayla Kleinman, M.A.

Handout: Reversing Your Procrastination

Navigating Long Distance Relationships

Presenter: Elena Cela, NCC, LPC

Handout: Navigating Your Long Distance Relationships