List of all Freeman Lecturers





 1 1975-76 Frederic Wakeman Professor of History and Chairman, Center for Chinese Studies, University of California, Berkeley The Past Must Serve the Present: Mao Tse-tung's Use of History
 2 1976-77 John King Fairbank Professor of History and Chairman, Council on East Asian Studies, Harvard University Chinese-American Relations: The Uncertain Future
 3 1977-78 James William Morley Ruggles Professor of Political Science and Director of the East Asian Institute, Columbia University Japan: A Partner Perplexed
 4 1978-79 Selig S. Harrison Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Research Next Steps in Asia: China, the U.S., and the Challenge of Nationalism
 5 1979-80 A. Doak Barnett Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution China's Emergence in the Global Economy
 6 1980-81 John M. Rosenfield Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Professor of East Asian Art, Harvard University, The Monk Chogen and the Rebuilding of Todaiji
 7 1981-82 Tu Wei-ming Professor of History and Philosophy, Harvard University The Confucian Perception of "Learning" The Confucian Perception of "Learning" (Xue)
 8 1982-83 Gari Ledyard Professor of East Asian Languages, Columbia University A Korean Focus on East Asia: Problems Past and Present
 9 1983-84 Ye Junjian Author; Founder of PEN; translator; literary critic from Beijing, China My Life as a Chinese Intellectual
 10 1984-85 Kazuko Tsurumi Professor of Sociology, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan Japanese Creativity: Minakata Kumagusu, Yanagita Kunio, Origuchi Shinobu
 11 1985-86 Harrison Salisbury Journalist; Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author China's Long March: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
 12 1986-87 Ronald P. Dore Technical Change Center, Kings College, London, England Nationalism and Internationalism in Modern Japan.
 13 1987-88 Benjamin Schwartz Fairbank Center, Harvard University Why Study Non-Western Cultures?
 14 1988-89 Donald Keene Shincho Professor of Japanese Literature and University Professor, Columbia University Japanese Literature as World Literature
 15 1989-90 Perry Link Director, NAS/CSCPRC Office, Beijing; Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Princeton University Chinese Intellectuals and the Crisis of the Democratic Movement
 16 1990-91 Masao Miyoshi Hajime Mori Professor of Japanese, English, and Comparative Literature, University of California at San Diego Japan Bashing
 17 1991-92 Jonathan D. Spence George Burton Adams Professor of History, Yale University The Taiping Rebellion: Getting Off the Ground
 18 1992-93 In-ho Lee Professor of History and Director of the Institute of Russian & East European Studies, Seoul National University Understanding Korea: Psychology of a Rapidly Developing Nation
 19 1993-94 Howard Hibbett Victor S. Thomas Professor of Japanese Literature, Emeritus, Harvard University Parody Regained: Symbol of Stereotype in Traditional Japanese Humor
 20 1994-95 Stephen Owen Professor of Chinese and Comparative Literature, Harvard University Mutilation and Identity: The Assertion of the Interior Self in Ancient China
 21 1995-96 Carol Gluck George Sansom Professor of History, East Asian Institute, Columbia University War and Memory in Japan in the End of the Millennium
 22 1996-97 Merle Goldman Professor of History, Boston University; Research Associate, John K. Fairbank Center for East Asian Research, Harvard University Will China Be a Great Power in the 21st Century?
 23 1997-98 John W. Dower Elting E. Morrison Professor of History, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Pulitzer-prize-Winning Author Images of Race and Power: Japan, China, and the United States from the 1850's to the Present
 24 1998-99 Wu Hung Harrie A. Vanderstappen Distinguished Service Professor in Chinese Art History, The University of Chicago Representing Ruins: Inventing a Modern Visual Culture in China
 25 1999-00 The Honorable Yasushi Akashi Chairman, Japan Center for Preventative Diplomacy; Former Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs of the United Nations Japan's Role in the World, Viewed from a Glass Tower in New York
 26 2000-01 Bruce Cumings Norman and Edna Freehling Professor of History, University of Chicago Koreans Invade Korea: On the History and Memory of a Civil War
 27 2001-02 Anthony Saich Daewoo Professor of International Affairs, The China Initiative, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University The Changing Role of the State in Reform China
 28 2002-03 Kenneth B. Pyle Professor of History and Asian Studies and Director, The Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington Japan and the Emerging Order in Asia
 29 2003-04 Elizabeth J. Perry Henry Rosovsky Professor of Government, Fairbank Center for East Asian Research, Harvard University Patrolling the Revolution: Worker Militias, Citizenship, and State-Building in China
 30 2004-05 Bernard Faure George Edwin Burnell Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Stanford University Japan, Land of the Elephant: The Hidden Side of Medieval Japanese Religion.
 31 2005-06 Roger T. Ames Professor of Philosophy, University of Hawaii Li and the A-theistic Religiousness of Classical Confucianism
 32 2006-07 Conrad Totman Professor Emeritus, Department of History, Yale University Japan as the Earth Writ Small: Ecological Issues
 33  2007-08 Richard P. Madsen Professor of Sociology, University of California, San Diego Religious Renaissance and Asian Modernity
34 2008-09 Harry Harootunian Professor of History and East Asian Studies, New York University Forgetting Japan's Postwar
35 2009-10 Zhang Longxi Chair, Comparative Literature & Translation, City Univiversity Hong Kong Nature and Landscape in the Chinese Tradition
36 2010-11 Ed Lincoln New York University Stern School of Business What Ails Japan
37 2011-12 Takeo Hoshi Director, Japan-U.S. Business Center, Professor of Economics Post 3/11 Japanese Economy
38 2012-13 Deborah Davis Professor of Sociology, Yale University Post-Socialist Marriages: Experiences from Shanghai
39 2013-14 Thomas LaMarre Professor of East Asian Studies, McGill University Self in Infrastructure: The Media Ecology of Anime
40 2014-15 Vera Schwarcz Mansfield Freeman Professor of East Asian Studies; Professor of History; Professor, College of East Studies, Wesleyan University The Human Dot on Yellow Mountain: Re-thinking 45 Years of China Study
41 2015-16 Susan Pharr Edwin O. Reischauer Professor of Japanese Politics, Harvard University Japan's History Problem
42 2016-17 Victor Cha Director of Asian Studies and D.S. Song Chair, Department of Government and School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University The Origins of America's Alliance System in Asia: Japan, Taiwan, and Korea
43 2017-18 Xiaofei Tian Professor of Chinese Literature and Director of Regional Studies East Asia, Harvard University The Life of Things: Medieval Chinese Tales of the Strange