CEAS Major and Minor

The CEAS Major is a three-year long major that is designed to give students deep knowledge about a particular East Asian culture (China, Japan, Korea) that are grounded in a particular discipline.  Majors are also required to gain some knowledge of the other East Asian countries that might not be the focus of their study, and they are invited to explore our broadly multi-disciplinary curriculum.

The CEAS Minor is a five-course exploration of East Asian cultures.  Minors achieve or demonstrate at least intermediate fluency in one of our three languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean), and take additional East Asian studies classes related to their countries and disciplines of choice.

Majors and Minors all become part of our vibrant CEAS community that engages in a wide array of co-curricular cultural activities designed to build our community, express our enjoyment of East Asian cultures, and bring knowledge and appreciation of East Asian cultures to the Wesleyan campus and Middletown community.