CJK Activities

A major goal of the College of East Asian Studies is to provide more opportunities for advanced learners of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean to use and practice their language skills, as well as for native speakers of these languages to interact with others who are interested in learning about their languages and cultures. We list here some of these activites.

Monthly Lunch Talks

CEAS sponsors regular lunchtime lecture/discussions in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Both learners and native speakers -- students, faculty, and staff -- are welcome to enjoy these informal events. Chinese Language Lunches are generally scheduled on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, and Japanese Language Lunches on the 1st Tuesday. Please see our main calendar for details.

CJK Lab Courses

CEAS has begun offering "Lab" Courses, taught in a CJK language, in conjunction with selected CEAS English-language offerings. These are content-focused classes with readings, discussion, and in some cases written assignments in the CJK language. Our first such class, "CHIN 351: Chinese Philosophy Lab," took place during the Fall of 2014; our first Japanese lab course "JAPN 351:Daily Life in a Japanese City," took place in Spring 2015.

In 2016-17 there will be one lab-type class offered: JAPN 230 Contemporary Japanese Politics in Japanese.

Language Partner Programs

Beginning with Fall 2014, CEAS offers Language Partner programs for all students in 3rd- and 4th-year Japanese and Chinese. Each student is matched with a native speaker for one hour of conversation per week.

Language Tables

Weekly informal discussion in CJK languages, some of them over lunch. If you are interested in learning more about schedules and locations for language tables, please contact:

  • Prof. Xiaomiao Zhu for Chinese
  • Prof. Naho Maruta for Japanese
  • Prof. Hyejoo Back for Korean

Student Group Activities

Wesleyan's many East Asian-related student groups offer a range of activities, some of them taking place in a CJK language. Wesleyan students can use OrgSync to find contact information for groups like:

  • Asian American Students Collective
  • Freeman Asian Scholars Assoication
  • Hong Kong Student Association
  • Japan Society
  • Korean Student Association
  • Mabuhay (annual Asian/Asian American show)
  • Pangea (international student organization)
  • Taiwanese Cultural Society
Chinese Cultural Club
  • Vietnamese Students Association

Program Housing

Several Program residences also sponsor related events; see here for contact information.