Criteria for Departmental Honors
To qualify for Departmental Honors the student must complete a thesis, perform a concert, or mount an exhibition or related project under the supervision of a faculty member. Responsibility for overseeing the project rests with the tutor. In the case of emphemeral events like concerts, the student should inform the tutor of the date well in advance, so that the tutor and the other members of the evaluation committee can arrange to be present. 

The evaluation committee for each Honors candidate is composed of the tutor and two other faculty members.

Honors designations are made by the consensus of the CEAS faculty, based on recommendations from each evaluation committee.

Juniors in the class of 2024 should fill out the CEAS Honors Thesis Application by May 26th. Decisions about eligibility for honors will be made by CEAS faculty by June 4th. All prospective honors students must fill out the application to be considered.


The Mansfield Freeman Prize was established in 1975 by Mansfield Freeman, class of 1916. It is awarded annually to the student or students who have demonstrated overall excellence in East Asian Studies and have contributed to improving the quality of our program.

The Priscilla Kellam Prize is in memory of Priscilla Kellam, class of 1983, and is awarded to a woman who has been or is planning to go to China and who has distinguished herself in her studies at Wesleyan.

The David A. Titus Memorial Prize was established by family, friends, and students in memory of Professor David Titus to support the summer studies of a deserving Wesleyan junior majoring in Government, East Asian Studies, or the College of Social Studies.

The Scott Prize was established by Charles Scott Jr., M.A., Class of 1886, and trustee 1905-1922, in memory of John Bell Scott 1881, for excellence in modern languages. It is awarded annually in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (among other languages).

The Frances M. Sheng Prize: Awarded for excellence in Chinese language and excellence in Japanese Language