Outreach Program

Unlike traditional outreach programs--which typically reach students indirectly, by means of curricular support and teacher resources--the FEAS Outreach Program was designed to reach primary and secondary school students in nearby communities directly, by providing a range of "hands-on" cultural activities that introduce them to various aspects of East Asian cultures.

Visiting classes take advantage of the unique and varied resources the center has to offer including:

  •      Japanese-style tatami room and garden
  •      a kitchen completely equipped for cooking and serving Chinese and Japanese meals     
  •      collections of Chinese and Japanese clothing
  •      art gallery with changing exhibitions of East Asian art

Student Run

Our program is unique in another way in that it is entirely run by undergraduate East Asian Studies majors all of whom have gained experience studying in China or Japan and many of whom are of Asian or Asian-American heritage.


The program is aimed at students in K-12 with special programs available for preschool groups. Each session is tailored to suit the age level and curricular needs of the students.

Visits last approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Each class is broken into small groups which participate in three different activity sessions lasting 20-30 minutes. Activities include:

  • Food in East Asian Cultures
  • Writing & Language
  • Martial Arts
  • Music of East Asia
  • Japanese Tea Ceremony
  • Soranbushi - Japanese Fisherman Dance
  • Storytelling & Folktales
  • Origami

The Program is offered most Friday afternoons throughout the academic year, and reaches an average of some 300 students each year.