Risk Management

Wesleyan University Motor Vehicle Operations Policy




  1. All University students, faculty, employees or volunteers in connection with University-related activity; and
  2. Anyone operating a University owned or leased motor vehicle

Authorized Drivers

All Drivers must meet the minimum standards in order to operate University owned or leased vehicles. University vehicles include automobiles, vans, trucks, electric vehicles and/or golf carts. A list of qualified Drivers will be maintained by the University Transportation Manager and updated annually. The University reserves the right to withhold or withdraw the privilege of driving University vehicles in its sole discretion.

  • Licensure: Drivers must have a valid U.S. driver's license for at least 3 years and the license must be correct and appropriate to the vehicle to be used (endorsements, etc.).
  • Age: Drivers must be a minimum of 20 years of age.
  • University Application, Training and Testing: Drivers must
    • Complete a Wesleyan University Driver Application Form;
    • Attend a Wesleyan University Driver Training Session (minimum 1 hour);
    • Pass a Wesleyan University Driver Training Test with a score of 80% or better.
  • Record Check: To be eligible, Drivers must agree to subject themselves to a motor vehicle record check prior to driving and at least every 5 years thereafter. To be eligible to drive hereunder, the check must show a driving record that meets the following standards and is otherwise satisfactory in the University's sole discretion.
    • The record may not show more than three (3) moving violations and/or accidents in the most recent three (3) years.
    • The record may not show more than two (2) moving violations and/or accidents in the most recent year.
    • The record may not show any material convictions which shall include driving while under the influence, reckless driving, vehicular homicide or assault, eluding a police officer, fleeing the scene of an accident, racing or permitting a minor to operate a motor vehicle.
    • Drivers must report to the Transportation Manager any incident that occurs which would, if revealed in a record check, render that Driver ineligible hereunder.
  • Loss of Driving Privileges: In addition to the University's discretion and the items listed above, the following actions may result in suspension or termination of driver privileges hereunder: operating a vehicle outside of the scope of the University-related activity; operating a vehicle in an unsafe, illegal or reckless manner; failure to report an accident; or operating a vehicle while under the influence. 

Misconduct, repeat offenders or loss of driving privileges may result in disciplinary action.

Vehicle Operations

All Drivers are expected to exercise all applicable safety measures and precautions. Specifically, Drivers must:

  • Always
    • Operate vehicles in accordance with all applicable law, rule and regulation;
    • Immediately report any incident or accident in accordance with law and the Wesleyan University Incident Reporting Policy on the General Counsel page.
    • Use seat belts;
    • Ensure that the number of passengers at no time exceeds the legal capacity of the vehicle and/or the number of seat belts available;
    • Use vehicles only for authorized University-related activities and prevent the use of any and all vehicles by anyone not specifically authorized;
    • Follow all of the University Driver guidelines including those outlined in the Wesleyan University Driver Training session;
    • Operate or park vehicles only on or in authorized areas designed for such operation;
    • Minimize unnecessary idling of vehicles to minimize pollution and maximize fuel efficiency;
    • Refrain from smoking in vehicles and refrain from smoking outside of vehicles when fueling;
    • Refrain from consuming alcohol within 12 hours of operating a vehicle or consuming anything that could impair driving ability;
    • Either stay overnight before or after the event in question or ensure that a second authorized Driver participates in the trip to share driving responsibilities when travelling more than 500 miles or 8 hours from the University or the trip origination.
  • Before Driving
    • Conduct a full inspection of the vehicle and familiarize yourself with its operational controls as well as its load and handling characteristics; and
    • Fully inspect the vehicle for any and all safety issues and, if a fully compliant and safe vehicle is not immediately made available, report any and all defects immediately to the Department Fleet Coordinator or University Transportation Manager for further instruction. Minimal, non operational and non safety related defects may be appropriately noted in vehicle check out documentation so as to document the damage or defect.
  • After Return or Upon Leaving the Vehicle
    • Remove all keys and fully secure the vehicle;
    • Fully inspect the vehicle as provided in provided above, noting any changes in condition; and
    •  Ensure that the vehicle is in good and clean condition with all garbage, personal or other items removed.

Special Restrictions.

  • Golf Carts or Other Limited Access Vehicles. Golf cart operation must be in compliance with all larger vehicle requirements.
  • Fifteen Passenger Vans. Fifteen Passenger or larger vans will not be rented, leased, purchased or operated by the University or used on University business.
Privately Owned Vehicles and Personal Use.
  • Use of Privately Owned Vehicles for University Business.
    • The use of privately owned vehicles is discouraged for conducting University business or sponsored activity.
    • Individuals transporting others in their private vehicles (students, faculty or staff, community partners, etc.) on University business must become authorized Drivers and are subject to the requirements of this policy.
    • Any student who proposes to drive their privately owned vehicle on University business or for a University activity must obtain prior approval from the University Transportation Manager and become an authorized Driver.
    • Any Driver using a privately owned vehicle for University business or sponsored activity is fully responsible to maintain automobile liability as well as their vehicle in accordance with applicable law.
    • Individuals are responsible for the replacement of University owned items that are left in or contained in personal vehicles.
  • University owned or rented vehicles shall not be used for personal use except where directly incidental to the permitted University use (e.g. travel to dinner location when travelling on business). The University is not responsible for any personal items left in or contained in vehicles. 

Accidents, Damage, Claims, Insurance, Tickets and Moving Violations.

  • Accidents and Damage:

                  In case of any accident involving a University owned or leased/rented vehicle, Drivers must  

  • check for injury and seek help if necessary (911);
  • ensure scene safety as much as possible, stay off road, in car, activate hazard lights, etc. as necessary;
  • contact law enforcement for assistance and request a report;
  • check for insurance ID card for vehicle;
  • report incident pursuant to Wesleyan University Incident Reporting Policy [a copy should be in each vehicle]
  • not discuss the events with anyone except law enforcement, Wesleyan supervisors and other authorized Wesleyan personnel; and
  • Do not admit responsibility for the accident or sign any statement.
  • Any and all costs to repair and replace damage to vehicles operated under this policy or other property may be assessed to the individual Driver and/or the department responsible for the vehicle's operation
  • Tickets and Moving Violations

      When moving or parking violations are incurred by a Driver, the Driver is solely responsible for the charges.  Any traffic offense, fines, payments, or penalties are the personal obligation of the Driver.  When a violation is issued, the Driver must report the incident to the Department Fleet Coordinator immediately

Responsible Individuals.

  • University Transportation Manager
    • maintains list of authorized Drivers;
    • names and maintains list of Department Fleet Coordinators;
    • conducts all Driver training and background checks;
    • updates this policy; and
    • coordinates incident and accident reporting with University Risk Management.
  • Departmental Fleet Coordinator
    • coordinate Driver and vehicle activity for department;
    • implement this policy for the department and develop department-specific procedures where necessary (i.e. key check out and related policies)
    • work with Transportation Manager on policy and day to day issues;
    • ensure all department users understand and comply with this policy;
    • ensure that vehicles are maintained in a safe operating condition; and
    • respond to questions and concerns from Drivers in department.
  • Exceptions will be made by the Transportation Manager upon review of the request and approval by University Risk Manager or University Counsel.