Human Resources

Relocation and Housing

Wesleyan Mortgage Program 

Wesleyan provides first mortgage assistance on residential properties for the purpose of supporting and encouraging faculty on at least three-quarters time appointments (excluding visitors and retired faculty), secure home ownership within reasonable commuting distance of the campus, subject to the conditions set forth below.    

Wesleyan Mortgage Program


Wesleyan Rental Program 

Wesleyan owns and maintains a limited amount of rental housing units near the campus for the purpose of providing transitional living space for newly appointed faculty who relocate at the time of their initial appointment at the university.    

Wesleyan Rental Housing Program


Faculty Relocation Policy    

Newly appointed faculty with a minimum one year appointment may be eligible for relocation expenses if they have a change in job location that increases their one-way commuting distance from their old residence by at least 50 miles.  Please refer to your offer letter for details regarding your eligibility.    

Faculty Relocation Policy