Human Resources


Faculty are eligible for this voluntary matching program. 

For the employer matching program, Wesleyan will make an additional contribution to your retirement plan (up to 3%) if you contribute to a pre-tax or after-tax SRA. 

Voluntary contributions to a Supplemental Retirement Annuity (SRA) will be matched by Wesleyan at 50% of the employee contribution up to employee contributions of 6%. For every $1.00 that you contribute up to 6% of your salary, Wesleyan will contribute $0.50. If you are contributing less than 6%, you may want to consider increasing your contribution so that you can maximize the match. If you do not contribute to an SRA, we recommend that you enroll so that you can receive the additional Wesleyan match.

Physical Plant Members

For the employer matching program, the same rules apply as above, however, for Physical Plant members, Wesleyan will make an additional contribution to your pension plan (up to 2%) if you contribute to a pre-tax or after-tax SRA (up to 4%).  

The matching contributions will be deposited into the funds that you have chosen for the basic retirement plan. These contributions will be combined with the employer basic contributions for taxation and payout purposes.

Benefit Disclaimer
Benefit summaries are provided for the convenience of Wesleyan employees. Employees are directed to read the relevant benefit plan documents. In the event of a conflict between the terms of any summary and the terms of actual plan document, the terms of plan documents will control. Except where prohibited by collective bargaining or other agreement, Wesleyan reserves the right to alter, modify or suspend any benefit at any time. While Wesleyan selects its benefit providers after thoughtful review, it disclaims responsibility for the ultimate performance of such providers.