Human Resources

Eligibility for Early Retirement Benefits Plan

Tenured faculty members who retire on or after the July 1 in the calendar year in which the faculty member reaches age 59 and before June 30 following age 68, and who have at least 10 years of continuous eligible service, are eligible to participate in the Early Retirement Plan for Tenured Faculty members. These faculty members, and other faculty members who retire on or after age 55 and whose number of years of service and age total at least 75, may continue to participate in dental, vision and life insurance plans until June 30 following age 68 on the same basis as active faculty.  Health insurance may continue to the first of the month the faculty member turns age 65. The retiree spouse/partner is also eligilbe to continue health until the first of the month they turn 65 and dental and vision plans until the June 30th following their 68th birthday.