Human Resources

Retiree Prescription Plan

Any employee who meets the definition of retiree (early or full) is eligible for the Wesleyan Retiree Prescription plan upon their retirement with the University. This includes early retirees who turn age 65 or employees who have completed 10 years of continuous service and retire at age 65 or later.  This is a University paid benefit through Cigna.  This benefit is available to both retired employee and spouse if they were both enrolled in the CIGNA plan at time of retirement.  This benefit is available to the retired employee only, if he/she was not enrolled in the CIGNA medical plan or enrolled as employee only at time of retirement.  

The Retiree Presciption Plan entitles eligible retirees to a $25,000 RX benefit.  Each time a prescription is filled, the retiree will only be responsible to pay the applicable copay.  The balance (the discounted, retail cost of the drug) will be deducted from the $25,000 benefit.  Each fall retirees receive a letter from Human Resources showing what amount the retiree has used of their benefit.  The year the plan maximum is reached, retirees are notified early in the fall via certified letter.  Coverage will terminate as of December 31st.  This gives the retiree enough time to secure a new medical supplemental plan that has a Medicare D (RX) rider without a late penalty.

For more detailed plan information, please reference the Wesleyan Retiree Prescription Plan Summary Plan Description.

For questions, please contact the Benefits Office at 860-685-2100 or email