Printing, Scanning, & Copying

We offer a variety of printing services to meet the needs of the Wesleyan community. Faculty, staff and students may print from any of our Ricoh devices on campus in public areas and individual departments. Cardinal Print & Copy is also available to assist with color printing, large format printing, booklets, posters, postcards and more.


Wes-Find-Me-Printers are powered by PaperCut Print Management Software. When you print to the Wes-Find-Me-Printers print queue, you can release your print job at any PaperCut enrolled Ricoh multi-function printer/copier/scanner on campus by swiping your Wes ID or authenticating with your Wes username and password at the device. 

Copying and scanning functionality is also available at each PaperCut enrolled Ricoh device when you swipe your Wes ID or authenticate with your Wes username and password at the device.

'Wes-Find-Me-Printers' Campus Locations

Student Printing, Scanning, & Copying

Click here for Student 'Wes-Find-Me-Printers' Instructions 

Student Quick Start Guide 'Wes-Find-Me-Printers'.pdf

Faculty/Staff Printing, Scanning & Copying

Click here for Faculty/Staff 'Wes-Find-Me-Printers' Instructions

Quick Start Guide for 'Wes-Find-Me-Printers'

Instructional Videos for Ricoh / PaperCut Campus Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax Devices

Printing to a non-Wes-find-Me-Printers / non-PaperCut networked printer / copier requires an installation on each computer.  Please submit request through ServiceNow for more information.

Cardinal Print & Copy

At Cardinal Print & Copy we are always looking for ways to expand and improve printing services offered to the Wesleyan community. Our goal is to provide fast accurate printing at competitive prices. Before sending a print project to an off campus vendor take a look at what we can do for you.