Printing & Scanning

We offer a variety of printing services to meet the needs of the Wesleyan community. Students may print from any of our computing labs as well as the campus libraries and other locations. Faculty and staff are able to print, copy and scan with our networked Ricoh copier/printers. Cardinal Print & Copy is also available to assist with color printing, large format printing, booklets, posters, postcards and more.

Installation instructions: Mac and Windows

Instructions regarding using print, scan and copy functions are available through the knowledgebase

Student Print, Scan and Copy

Wesleyan's Pharos print system allows you to print from any lab computer to the “Printers” queue and pick up your printed job at ANY of the Ricoh printers in the public printing network.  To pick up your job, log into the printer by swiping your WesID card, or by typing in your username and password. The system then shows the list of jobs printed you’ve sent to the printer and shows you the cost of printing each one. Select the jobs you wish to print.  The print jobs can only be released by the user id that was logged into the computer that you printed from, so be sure to log in as yourself. 

Printer locations and print fees

The same printers are also photocopiers and scanners. All printers can scan in color, even if the printer only prints in black & white. All devices have color printing available. Jobs that do not include color toner are charged at the black & white rate, even on color printers.

When scanning, you will be asked to supply an email address to which the job will be sent. Logs track who is using the scanner at any point in time, so please don't abuse this feature by sending scans to people who don't want them. You cannot send anything anonymously with this system.

Faculty/Staff Print, Scan and Copy

Printing to a networked Ricoh copier/printer requires an installation on each computer.  A series of instructions have been created to allow users who choose to install the correct device on their own computer.

These devices also allow users to scan secure documents and password protect them so that individual private scan folders are not necessary. To use this feature, follow the instructions in this step-by-step guide. 

Department Printer Directory 

Cardinal Print & Copy

At Cardinal Print & Copy we are always looking for ways to expand and improve printing services offered to the Wesleyan community. Our goal is to provide fast accurate printing at competetive prices. Before sending a print project to an off campus vendor take a look at what we can do for you.