Desktop Support

ITS provides high-touch, hands on desktop support to all faculty, staff and students on campus.  Highly qualified professional staff and student staff serve the community through various channels.  

Faculty/Staff Support 

Our ITS Helpdesk is the primary initial point of contact for Wesleyan University faculty, staff, and students seeking assistance with ITS delivered services and support.

Desktop support specialists (DSS) are the ITS professional staff who provide support to all academic and administrative departments. 

Student Support

The ITS Helpdesk is staffed by students working in conjunction with ITS professional staff. The ITS Helpdesk provides all technical services and support to undergraduate students.  This includes assistance with software support and hardware support for student-owned computers and other devices. The Helpdesk also provides support for wireless and wired Internet issues in Wesleyan-owned, on-campus housing.

Through the ITS Helpdesk, the Cardinal Technology ITS Service Center, and the Cardinal Tech Campus Store students can address all of their technical needs on campus. 

Seeking campus employment? Employment at the Helpdesk provides training and valuable work experience to enhances your resume.  

Having IT issues or need assistance with IT services?

Call us at (860) 685-4000 or come see us at the Helpdesk (Exley 143) during the following times:

  • Monday - Thursday 8:30AM - 10PM
  • Friday 8:30AM - 5PM
  • Saturday Closed
  • Sunday 6PM - 10PM

Cardinal Technology ITS Service Center

An important component of the ITS User Services team, the ITS Service Center is staffed by highly trained and certified PC/Windows and Apple/Mac hardware technicians.

Working in conjunction with ITS Desktop Support Specialists (DSS) and the ITS Helpdesk, the Service Center team provides computer hardware procurement services, deployment support, technical support, and technical services for Wesleyan owned desktop and laptop computers.

The Service Center team is also equipped to perform fee based warranty and non-warranty diagnostics and repairs for personal desktop and laptop computers owned by Wesleyan University's faculty, staff, and students.