Desktop Support Specialists (DSS)

DSS are highly qualified IT service delivery professionals whose mission, together with the rest of the ITS staff, is to deliver timely, reliable, and expert IT service and support to the Wesleyan community. Desktop Support Specialists are designated as lead IT service providers for academic areas and administrative offices.  

Desktop Support Specialists work as a team and are primarily assigned to provide service and support to faculty and staff in the following divisions:DSS-Primary-Coverage-9-2019.png

For more detailed information about the services we provide, please review our Desktop Support Policies

To request IT services and support please Submit a ticket by clicking Report an Issue or contact the ITS Helpdesk at (860) 685-4000.

Director of User Services - Erik Quimby

Desktop Backup/Restore

ITS provides desktop backup services to faculty and staff using a program called CrashPlan. Crashplan works to backup data whether the user is on or off campus. Computers no longer need to remain on overnight or on breaks to ensure they are backed up. 

Files in the users Documents/My Documents folders and any other data stored required by the user is included in the backup.  Desktop Support Specialists work with individuals when setting up the backup to ensure all relevant data is included.  Deleted files are recoverable for 30 days beyond deletion. Beyond 30 days, deleted files are no longer retrievable.  The Desktop Backup of Personal Data section of the Desktop Computer Support Policy addresses issues related to data ineligible for backing up on the University system.