Storage Feature Comparison

The following depicts sources of storage available campus-wide to the Wesleyan community and their associated features.  Storage needs vary by size and scope of data, requirements for access, and ability to perform operations.  No one storage need addresses all and understanding the limits and features of each helps to determine the best solution.

Note: The vendor is discontinuing the WesFiles product and ITS is in the process of migrating all files and services currently on WesFiles to other services. Presently, WesFiles is planned for shutdown in December 2020. It is strongly suggested NOT to add new projects and files to WesFiles.  For questions on consultation regarding where to move existing storage, contact Karen Warren. 

Storage Features Office 365 Google Drive Sharepoint Dragon RStore
Campus vs. Off-campus Use
Easy off campus access without VPN
Supports non-Wesleyan user access
Connection Type
Offers client install for connection ✓* ✓**
Mounts as volume/drive letter
Web interface available
Connection Speed
File transfer for large files or large numbers of files
Fast desktop access and directory listing
Permissions Control
Owner can assign permissions/sharing without ITS
Supports group creation and permissions
Share read/write with non-Wesleyan users
Storage Space Quotas
Uses quotas
Easily expandable quota
Special Functionality
Active use of databases (i.e. Filemaker or Access or EndNote) on storage
Ricoh scan to folder capability
Live statistical analysis
Simultaneous editing
File versioning
Activity logging 

* Google Drive File Stream vs. Google Backup and Sync: Google Drive has been replaced by Google Drive File Stream and Google Backup and Sync.  The two have many overlapping features and can be used simultaneously.  

** OneDrive for Business allows you to sync folders from Sharepoint sites for easy access through the native file system on Mac and PC.