Large Data Storage

Data storage needs may vary dramatically. Wesleyan attempts to provide storage adequate to support faculty instruction and a portion of research.  However some disciplines may require volumes of storage greater than ITS can reasonably provide within existing budgets.  As a general guideline, faculty can expect to request and receive central storage (storage not on the local desktop or locally attached devices) in one or more of the options listed below up to a total of 200GB.  This number may vary depending on length of need and type of storage. 

While faculty may choose to buy local drives to accommodate their needs, depending on the size, Wesleyan may not be able to provide backup for those devices.  Computers not allocated for research or labs and exceeding 200GB may be subject to reduction. 

The University has procured an enterprise level, high volume storage system referred to as FlexStorage to provide options for faculty who have large data storage needs.  As a guideline, volumes greater than 500 GB are good candidates for this system.  The system has point in time recovery available as well as replication.  There is a fee associated with this storage option.  Faculty should talk to their Academic Computing Manager to find out pricing as well as arrange for a test space.  The storage supports Mac, Windows and Unix based hosts.