Streaming Television Service

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Wesleyan University is excited to announce a new and improved service for watching live TV.  Partnering with Xfinity, we are able to bring live TV directly to your computer and mobile devices.  Access to the 100+ channel Xfinity On Campus IPTV streaming service first requires agreeing to pay the one or two semester access fee.  The single semester access fee is $95 the fee to cover both semesters for just $175.  There is no equipment to install, no multi-year contract, and no equipment to return.  If you opt in for both semesters, you will also have off campus access to most content including HBO and ESPN for the entire summer! To obtain access to the Xfinity on Campus content, navigate to the application in the Student Life section of your Portal.  After agreeing to have the access fee charged to your student account, you will have immediate access to live cable TV channels right on your computer or mobile device. To access the system, navigate to, select Wesleyan University and logon with your single sign on credentials.

Want a bigger screen than your laptop has?  The Cardinal Tech Store can provide cables needed to hook your laptop up to a large screen TV. There is also a Xfinity Stream application for Roku (Roku Stick or Roku3 and newer required).  Compatible Roku devices will be available at the Cardinal Tech Store for a dedicated connection to a HDMI port equipped TV.  Live access to all content on the Xfinity on Campus system requires connection to the Wesleyan Network, available everywhere on campus and in wood frame houses that broadcast AirWes.  We will be adding more access points to wood frame house not yet equipped.  You will still be able to access most content even if you are not on the Wesleyan Network, the biggest exception being the local network channels.

How do I sign up for service?

In the student Portal, click the Xfinity on Campus link in the Student Life section.  Select one or two semester access.  Agree to the terms and your student account will be billed appropriately.  Access will be granted immediately.  Alternatively, you could visit the Cardinal Technology Store and sign up in person.

How do I get tech support?

The Wesleyan Student Helpdesk (X4000) can provide support if needed.  Issues unresolved by the Helpdesk can be escalated by emailing

For more information on the Xfinity on Campus Product, click here

Can I watch Xfinity on Campus IPTV on my larger screen TV?

If you have a relatively new laptop, usually just a cable is needed to connect to most flat panel TVs.  You can setup your computer to watch full screen on the TV and still use your computer’s screen to do other things simultaneously.  The Cardinal Tech Store can advise you on what exactly you would need.

How much does it cost?

This year we are offering access to the service for $95 per single semester or $175 for the entire year, including access to most content over the summer, including HBO and ESPN!

Do I need to make an appointment for installation?

No!  A link in your student Portal under Student Life will allow you to subscribe.  Your access will be granted within hours.  No equipment to install or return at the end of the year.

What channels are offered?

The Xfinity on Campus IPTV 2017 channel lineup is available here.

Do you include ESPN and HBO in the Xfinity on Campus IPTV package?