Data Storage

Wesleyan offers a variety of data storage options.  Data requirements are constantly changing and demands increasing. ITS attempts to keep pace with these changes while working within budgetary limitations. The use of quotas assists in managing storage space.  The quotas can be adjusted upon request with justification. ITS maintains enough resources to back up all data stored on the network and a significant portion stored on the desktop.

Large Data/Digital Collections

ITS supports multiple platforms for archiving, storing, and serving out large data and digital collections, some of which are provided directly by ITS using on-site resources and others that are provided via a hosted solution by an off-campus provider.  Determining the appropriate solution often requires consultation.  This information can get you started.  ITS staff are available for consultation on selecting or acquiring storage. 


Wesleyan staff and students have access to a file sharing system called Wesfiles ( This system is web-based and uses your existing Wesleyan login.  Users can access their data from anywhere they have an Internet connection. This system also allows for collaboration and file sharing beyond the Wesleyan community through the creation of tickets.  Users can give access to files or folders to individuals from other institutions without having to create a guest account.


Dragon is network attached storage that is accessed using a Wesleyan username and password. Dragon is recommended for databases, large data sets, and storage where remote access or non-Wesleyan guest user access is not required. For Mac users, Dragon is mounted using SMB. Dragon continues to be a storage option and there are not plans to discontinue it.  

Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive

Wesleyan has an Office365 ecosystem in which all faculty, staff and students have access to a suite of tools including OneDrive.  OneDrive allows for file storage and sharing very similar to Google Drive (see below). Files are available via the web or the One Drive client or mobile app.  Office365 features include seamless transition between the local applications and online versions as well as simultaneous online editing with collaborators.

Google Drive allows users to store and access files anywhere - on the web, on the local hard drive, or on a mobile device. Whether changing a file on the web, on the computer, or on a mobile device, it updates on every device where there is Google Drive. Any time a device has Internet access, it checks in with Google Drive. That ensures files and folders are always up to date. Change something on one device and it changes everywhere.