Coordinator: Mahalia Binstock and Matt Erodici (wes.reads.math@gmail.com)

To provide support for higher level learners in the areas of reading and math.

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LOCATION OF PROGRAM: Macdonough Elementary School 66 Spring St (12 min. walk from campus)

HISTORY:  Although Wesleyan students have been involved at Macdonough in the past, the program in this capacity is relatively new. Since the inception of WesReads/WesMath in 2007, Macdonough students' standardized test scores have increased significantly, allowing more students to access higher level classes in middle school.

ACTIVITIES: Most Wesleyan students read or do math with two to three elementary school children outside of the classroom. Some Wesleyan students provide assistance and supervision in the computer labs, and there is also an opportunity for volunteers to go into first and second grade classrooms to provide in-class reading support.

SKILLS NEEDED: Basic reading and math skills, ability to work with children.

COMMITMENT REQUIRED: At least 1 hour per week every week once orientation takes place.

DESCRIPTION OF TRAINING/ORIENTATION PROVIDED: At the beginning of each semester, Macdonough's principal leads orientation sessions to explain the program's goals and the role of Wesleyan students.