Study Options for a Flexible Schedule

Graduate Liberal Studies (GLS) at Wesleyan offers a variety of study options to suit your personal and professional needs. Want to hone your writing skills? No problem. Have summers off? Try our summer-study option. Interested in testing the graduate study waters by taking a course or two? You can do that, too.

Wesleyan’s GLS program is designed with working adults in mind. As a GLS student, you can begin your course of study at any time, and you are not required to take courses every semester. In fact, you can take off up to three semesters between classes or apply for a leave of absence for longer periods of inactivity. GLS degree candidates have six years to fulfill the requirements of their program, but may petition for a seventh or eighth year.

Find the Wesleyan GLS schedule that best suits your needs:

The options available for each course are indicated in the course's description.                                                     

Here is the Key:                                                                               

CERT: This course will count toward the requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Writing.                    

Crosslisted: Students may enroll in the concentration option that best meets their academic needs.

FDN-CERT: The Foundational Writing Option of this course will count toward the Graduate Certificate in Writing.                                                                               

Hybrid: This course includes online class meetings with other special scheduling features.                            

Immersion: This course will have fewer class meetings that will meet for longer periods of time (e.g., weekends-only, five-day immersion, etc.).

Online: A limited number of seats will be offered for students to attend the course online, from off-campus. Online meetings are synchronous, meaning that students must be available at the time that class sessions are held so that they can fully participate in discussions.