GLS Financial Aid

We are pleased to offer scholarships to help support part-time study in the GLS degree programs. Full-time study, while an option for GLS students, is supported only through federal student loans and partial need-based scholarships for students who meet eligibilty requirements. The GLS program does not offer on-campus employment or teaching assistant positions.

The next deadline to apply for GLS need-based scholarships is November 29, 2021Click here to download the application.

Graduate Liberal Studies Scholarships

  • Deadlines
    • Graduate Liberal Studies Need-based Scholarships: November 29, 2021.
      • Application is available above.
    • Teachers' Cardinal Scholarship: prior to registering for first class
      • Please click here for the application.
    • Middletown Employees and Librarians' Scholarship: prior to registering for first class
      • Please click here for the application.
    • City Year: please contact 
    • Teach for America: please contact 
    • Veterans programs: please contact 
    • State of Connecticut Alternate Route to Certification students and alumni: please contact
  • Cardinal K-12 Scholarship

    Begins Fall 2021

    50% tuition discount for GLS courses for eligible GLS students (open to degree and non-degree GLS students)

    Cardinal K-12 Scholarship requirements:

    • Certified Educators employed full- or part-time by a Connecticut public school district (educators and administrators)
    • Support staff employed full- or part-time by a Connecticut public school district who hold a bachelor's degree (paraprofessionals, substitutes, coaches, and office staff)
    • Current Union Members (CEA or AFT-CT)

    Download the Cardinal K-12 Scholarship application here.

  • Cardinal ARC Scholarship

    Begins Fall 2021

    50% tuition discount for GLS courses for eligible GLS students who are current students in a Connecticut ARC (Alternate Route to Certification) program. Open to degree and non-degree GLS students who can provide proof of enrollment in a Connecticut ARC program.

    Download the Cardinal ARC Scholarship application here.

  • Graduate Liberal Studies Need-Based Scholarships

    Students who are US citizens or permanent residents who are admitted to or are applying for admission to the degree program may apply for GLS need-based scholarships. Students applying for scholarships and admission at the same time must have a completed admission file by the financial aid deadline in order to be considered for the scholarships.

    The deadline to apply for need-based GLS scholarships is Nov 29, 2021.

    The application is currently available at the top of this page.

  • Middletown (Conn.) Employees Scholarship

    Full-time employees of the City of Middletown, Connecticut, including full-time employees at the Russell Library and Godfrey Memorial Library, are eligible for a 50% tuition discount. This scholarship is open to all GLS student levels, non-degree as well as MALS and MPhil students.

    Apply now. Please click here for the application.

Outside Scholarships

Monthly Payment Plan

  • Pay your tuition over 3 months

    Graduate Liberal Studies has partnered with FlyWire to offer a 3-month payment plan. Payment in full is still due upon registration, but completed enrollment in the payment plan is considered payment in full for purposes of registration.

    • FlyWire will charge a $45 fee each term you sign up to use the payment plan.
    • Payments to FlyWire are made through ACH transfer, Visa, and MasteCard.

    For more information, please visit FlyWire. As with any payment plan, please be sure you understand your rights and responsibilities before you commit to the plan.

    Please visit our Payment page for payment deadlines.

Apply for student loans if you need additional funding

  • Federal direct student loans

    Federal student loans are administered by Wesleyan University's Office of Financial Aid. Students must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

    • Enrolled half-time or better at the GLS in the term loans are being requested (generally 2 or more courses)
    • Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen


    • Students must e-mail if they intent to pay for tuition with student loans so that the loans can be disbursed.
    • Students who pay for tuition with loans must pay the non-refundable $100 registration fee at the time of registration.Loans are disbursed after the first week of the term.
    • Students enrolled in the MALS final essay or project or the MPhil thesis are considered to be enrolled full time as described below. Please e-mail for additional information.
    • MALS final essay or project: term or enrollment in the final essay or project
    • MPhil thesis: the term of enrollment in the thesis and all terms the student is officially working on the thesis

    For more information, please click here.

    Cost of attendance: The GLS is designed as a part-time program, allowing students to study at a comfortable pace while working full-time. For students who wish to borrow federal student loans, the cost of attendance to calculate expected family contribution and determine loan eligibility is based on full-time study: 3 courses per term in the fall and spring terms with tuition at $3240 per credit.

    Academic year 2021-2022

    Tuition: $19,440
    Registration fees: $200
    Room and board: $16,500
    Books and supplies: $1,200
    Personal expenses: $1,800
    Transportation: $1,000
    Total: $40,140




  • Alternative loans

    Also known as private education loans, these loan products are not backed by the federal government. They usually have variable interest rates based on Prime or LIBOR and rely on a credit review to calculate the initial rate of interest. Typically the student is the borrower; often a co-borrower is required to pass credit reviews or receive a favorable interest rate. Interest accrues from disbursement. These loans may not be included in a federal consolidation. In recent years, lenders have offered refinancing to convert the loans to a fixed rate. Each of our Private Loan Recommended Lenders offer an array of educational loans. To assist student in the selection process, we are using FASTChoice, an online comparison tool that will assist borrowers in deciding on a private loan that is best suited for their needs. For a comparison of the loans and borrower benefits, please visit our online Private Loan Recommended Lenders List. For direct contact information, see the list of lenders below. You are not obligated to choose any of these lenders. Wesleyan will process any approved alternative loan promissory note you submit. Borrowers must email with details about any pending application.


    Citizens Bank

    Discover Student Loans


    Thrivent Federal Credit Union

    Disclosure Statement:

    Students have the right and ability to select the education loan provider of their choice.  You are not required to use any of the lenders on the suggested lender list and will suffer not penalty from the University for choosing a lender that is not on said suggested lender list. Wesleyan will process any approved alternative loan promissory note you submit to the office.  

    The University’s selection of preferred lenders and the University’s decision as to where or how prominently on the list the lending institution’s name appears shall be based solely on the best interests of student and parent borrowers, utilizing stated criteria that are limited to benefits provided to borrowers (such as competitive interest rates and repayment terms, quality of loan servicing, and whether loans will be sold) and the ability to work efficiently and effectively with the University to process loans, without regard to the pecuniary interest of the University or to any benefits provided by lending institutions to the University or any of the University’s officers, trustees, directors, agents or employees or their family members.

    The University reviews its suggested lender list annually. 

    General Factors Used in University Suggested Lender Determination: 

    1.       Loan Terms, including possible interest rate and principal reductions, repayment options, and average interest rates and approval rates for alternative loans

    2.       Observed and reported customer service to families

    3.       Student recommendations based on borrower interface

    4.       University staff evaluations of proposals sent by lenders

    5.       Likelihood of loans being sold, especially in cases in which borrower benefits and/or terms could be impacted

    6.      Projections by lenders of their companies ability to survive given current condition of the student loan market


Contact GLS Financial Aid

Mary Kelly

Office hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. or by appointment