Weekly Events - Fall 2021

Mindful Wes, Wednesdays with Rabbi David @ 4:40 pm

Join us for guided meditation practices, followed by time to share our experiences in the ORSL Lounge (169 High St. second floor) or in the Hogwarts tent. Contact Rabbi David at dleipziger@wesleyan.edu for updated location info.


Small Forest Temple, Thursdays @ 5:00 pm

Join us for weekly Meditation, Tai Chi, and Tiger-Style Kung Fu classes. All classes are led by local temple master Ji Myong, and his aides Scott and Sharisse, from Middletown’s Small Forest Temple. Contact Scott Kessel at skessel@wesleyan.edu for location info and updated info.

5:00 - 6:00 pm : Meditation


Movement Lab with Amy Tate, Friday @ 11:00 am 

Come check in with Amy about your practice. You can use the first ten minutes to ask questions and discuss your experience in practice. We will then proceed with a slow, mindful movement and breathing practice drawing from the yoga tradition. Sometimes we'll do a body scan or yoga nidra (yogic sleep), sometimes we'll work primarily with pranayama (yogic breathing), other times we'll have a more dynamic asana (yogic postures) practice. All are welcome. Any level of ability can be accommodated. This event is located in the ORSL Lounge (169 High St. Second Floor). Please contact Amy Tate at amylynntate@gmail.com for more information.


SOC Healing Space, Sundays with Jada @ 4:00 pm

This space is for those who self-identify as students of color and offers both meditation and journaling practices. Located in the ORSL Lounge (169 High St. second floor). Contact Jada Reid at jereid@wesleyan.edu