Wednesdays, 5:30 p.m., 169 High Street, Chaplains' Lounge

A unique Wesleyan tradition for students from any or no religion background to create a different ritual each week that addresses the immediate concerns in our lives and the world.  A casual, relaxing, hands-on spiritual gathering with flowers for all and a vegetarian meal.

Here's what two students say about Vespers: "I like to go to Vespers because it's a unique group of people, very warm and loving. It's a wonderful way to de-stress mid-week by sharing a ritual and dinner. I always know I can come and the ritual will be different but still familiar." Another student says: "No matter how stressed I am or how much work I have, I always force myself to go to Vespers. Seeing smiling faces and hearing familiar voices always puts my mind at ease. By the time I leave Vespers every Wednesday, I always find myself smiling and in the best mood of the week. It is a great feeling knowing that I have this steady ritual where I can go and relax and de-stress once a week."

This ritual is One
The food is One
We who offer the food are One
The fire of hunger is also One
All action is One
We who understand this are One.
—Hindu blessing